VOTE Sam Filice

Trustee for Edmonton Public Schools Ward E


As a teacher in Edmonton for 35 years, I care deeply about our students.

Schools today are so vastly different than they were even 20 years ago. Our students’ needs are more diverse and the issues they face are increasingly complex. I am passionate about driving change to ensure no student is left behind.

Public Education is Worth Fighting For. My Key Concerns Include:

Kids are Worth it!

Students deserve a framework and curriculum that fosters community, diversity, and inclusivity. For an in depth look at some of the issues we face today, please visit us online.


We are currently in neighbourhoods delivering flyers but not door knocking at this time. Your opinions matter, we look forward to hearing from you by email or phone.

Join me in taking your concerns forward in this election.

Sponsored by the Committ­ee to Elect Sam Filice.
We believe in Public Education.  

We are former students, parents, coworkers, friends, and family of Sam. Share your feedback and join the campaign.